PDF Data pretreatment and multivariate analyses for ochre sourcing: Application to Leopard Cave Erongo, Namibia Alma Nankela

Usually referred to as ‘ochre’ or ‘pigment’ in archaeological contexts, ferruginous rocks were commonly exploited during the Later Stone Age in southern Africa. While ochre could lead to crucial inferences about socio-cultural behaviours of past populations, the provenance and the procurement strategies of this material in LSA contexts, as well as its association to rock art remain largely understudied. Geochemical data coupled to data pre-treatment considerations and multivariate statistical analyses demonstrate that archaeological ochres were both collected locally and regionally from more distant sources.

  • This paper reports on the results of the first, brief season of excavation at Varsche Rivier 3 , a collapsed shelter site in arid southern Namaqualand, South Africa.
  • Despite dating problems, the findings together reveal the appearance of pottery and domesticated animals in the former Kaokoland at least by 2000 B.P.
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Beyond shedding new light on ochre provenance for rock art in north-central Namibia during the Later Stone Age, our data provide new insight into the mobility of past populations and the interactions existing between distinct rock art areas in north-central Namibia. We ensure your perfect fit by not only carrying all of our shoes in a variety of sizes and widths, but also offering an onsite iStep Foot Scanner. This scanner is the first step to total foot comfort and understanding more about your feet. The iStep Foot Scanning Technology quickly identifies your arch type, foot size, and pressure points. This revolutionary technology then custom selects the ideal orthotic styles for your particular needs. With the right orthotic style and in combination with the proper footwear, you can prevent unnecessary foot pain and achieve maximum foot comfort to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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The stratigraphy mainly covers the last 3000 years and several LSA-phases could be distinguished. Of special interest are the finds of pottery and remains of domesticated sheep and goats. Despite dating problems, the findings together reveal the appearance of pottery and domesticated animals in the former Kaokoland at least by 2000 B.P. The sedimentological analysis points to slight climatic variations. This is not, however, confirmed by the archaeobotanical and archaeozoological data.

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Ochres were the most common source materials for pigments used in Palaeolithic rock art paintings. This work analyses the petrographic and geochemical signatures of different ochre samples from outcrops inside Tito Bustillo Cave and the Monte Castillo Caves using the most common techniques (petrography, XRD, SEM–EDS and ICP–MS) in archaeological pigment characterization studies. This paper presents a preliminary report of an excavation in Oruwanje 95/1 rock shelter that provided some significant results concerning the rise of herding societies in Namibia.

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[This paper has no formal abstract; what follows might better be considered a blurb]. This paper reports on the results of the first, brief season of excavation at Varsche Rivier 3 , a collapsed shelter site in arid southern Namaqualand, South Africa. Most of the sequence as identified during this season can be ascribed to the Middle Stone Age , and markers of the Howiesons Poort and Still Bay are both present. In addition to stone artefacts, VR3 has reasonable organic preservation throughout and worked ochre is also present.

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